Erika Busse’s work is inspired by observations in nature, meditation, and muse channels. Using printmaking, painting, illustration, and other hands-on techniques, Erika brings these visions to life in this dimensional plane, here for you now.

After graduating from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s of Arts in printmaking in 2017, Erika moved north to Asheville, NC. Since then, she has worked for over 6 years as a professional artist. She teaches art classes at local businesses, screen prints at RAD Printworks in Foundation Studios in Asheville’s River Arts District, sells her creations at art fairs, and shows her work at Woolworth Walk.

The focus of Erika’s work is to become a voice for nature, inspiring respect and reciprocity.  She hopes her art brings peace and color to people’s lives, bringing them more fun on the journey to their dreams.