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Hand Printed Linocut Camo Shirt - PREORDER


Stay stylish and eco-conscious with our Hand Printed Linocut Camo Shirt. Each piece features about 40 unique prints, individually inked and stamped. Inspired by sycamore trees, this shirt is lovingly handcrafted using slow fashion methods. Be the envy of all with a one-of-a-kind shirt that makes a statement. This shirt will open doors of conversations about hand printing and artist made garments.Around where I live, there are a lot of sycamore trees. I love how their bark already looks like came, with the shapes of its peeling bark. On these bandanas you will find about 40 individually inked and stamped limbs, leaves, and seeds. Each block was hand drawn and hand carved. Every little detail thought out. To finish off the pattern, I dyed the shirts all over slightly with dye I made from black walnut husks. It is a 100% natural dye for this 100% cotton bandana. These are absolutely beautiful and I am excited to offer them for you.

There are 2 options of shirts to print on. The Comfort Colors Ivory or the Comfort Wash Shirt, which is botanically dyed with pomegranate rinds. The Ivory option is shown in the photos here, you can see the two options in the last photo with the size charts. They fit similarly and have the same high quality, 100% cotton feel. The Comfort Wash's neckline is slightly looser than the Comfort Colors. The Comfort Colors is slightly thicker material. To care for your shirt, I recommend hand washing and hang drying. Second best would be cold wash and hang dry. These shirts are preshrunk, but over time the dryer is harsh to the prints.

* This is a handmade product and each shirt will vary slightly.

This is a preorder. I will be printing these at the beginning of June. Each shirt takes 4 days of printing to complete since each layer of color needs to dry before I can complete the next color.

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