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Reproductive Health Digital Download

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This digital download includes two beautifully illustrated infographics: A Moon Cycle Guide and Conscious Contraceptives Herbal Chart

The Moon Cycle Guide is an interactive chart to show how a woman's cycle aligns with the phases of the moon. Simply print out this document with 2-sided print settings. Then cut out the circles and place the smaller one on top of the moons, you can attach it with a bracket fastener.

Plants are here to help us take back our power. Power over our bodies. Neem and Queen Anne's Lace a amazing herbs, with a rich history of use and lots of scientific research about their potency for contraception. Neem is great because it is for men. As a spermicide, it is almost 100% effective. Queen Anne's Lace is there for us when we or our partners are not perfect. Stuff happens, she makes your uterine wall to slippery for an egg to stick. 

*I am not an herbalist or a doctor. Please do you own research before using herbs. Herbs are medicine. Please be very kind when harvesting. Talk to them. Get to know them. For more information on how to use these herbs, please visit Jillian MacKenzie @ancestral.mother. Her "Flowers to Blood" guide is available here.


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